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The art of Tarot cards reading, as one of the oldest methods of fortune telling, starts many debates today about where it originated from. It’s roots are wrapped in mystery and this is why many theories exist, but after all it doesn’t really matter. What does is that tarot readings are a great way to get answer and peek into the future, or to just have some fun time.

A typical Tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into two groups – Minor and Major Arcana. 22 are from Major arcana, that have a somewhat deeper meaning, compared to the rest 56, which are the Minors. The second group is similar to the modern Playing Cards, except that they have one more card for each suit.

Different Tarot spreads are a powerful tool that can enable you to explore your personality on so many levels. It will help you look within and at yourself from different perspectives, allowing a greater spiritual development and transformation. If you choose follow closely the rules of the Tarot readings and believe in the cards, you will have the chance to join the vast cosmic consciousness and peek into the future.

Here we have collected some of the most popular Tarot spreads, that have proven themselves to work during the centuries. You can use them at all times, however you like and as many times as you want. Whether you’re here just for fun, or you really need help with a problem or situation, guidance and information, or to be ready for the surprises on your path by predicting the future – enjoy!

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