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“To foresee, to be inspired by a god” – this is a literal translation of the word “divination” from the Latin “divinare”.

Free Online Fortune Telling, Divination, Oracles and More

Different types fortune-telling, divination methods and oracles for predicting the future have existed since ancient times. Practicing these techniques will greatly help you to gain insight in everyday problems or questions that interest you and provide the important connection with the divine in you. In spite of being labeled as witchcraft or black magic by various religions throughout history, a lot of card readings and numerous oracles have preserved to modern times and even new ones have been developed.

Today fortune telling is at a peak, because of the many free online instant readings and the vast field of opportunities that computers provide. Our rapidly changing world can bring a lot of stress into our lives, but online card readings and oracles have the power provide the necessary balance at the tip of your fingers. Virtual divination methods are just as effective as traditional techniques and can immensely help you find your inner peace and meditate on what is really important in life.

The different types of fortune tellings and readings are not used just for predicting the future, their true purpose is to assist you in understanding yourself better. Through the power of your own intuition and the guidance that instant virtual oracles give, you can draw important conclusions about every day issues and situations, thus helping you see what is ahead on your path and answer your most dearest questions.

Our website has a wide variety of different free online fortune tellings, oracles and card readings that aim to give you instant insight and answer questions about your various life situations. We have collected some of the best, most popular and universally accepted divination techniques, as well as some simple games. Some are very ancient and offer a lot of wisdom, while others you can use just for your own entertainment. Whatever you’re seeking, you have found a place that will bring a little magic into your life. Enjoy!

Free Online Tarot Reading

Free Online Symbolon Cards Reading

Fortune telling with Tarot cards is one of the oldest and most used divination techniques. Tarot readings are used as an instrument and are trusted by millions of people around the world as a source of ancient wisdom. There are many different spreads on our website than can give you insight into everyday issues. The power of the cards will reveal your potential for spiritual development, thus allowing you to see within yourself more clearly. Tarot will help you achieve greater personal growth, it will answer your questions and even show you the future, so you can be ready when the surprises start coming!

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Free Online Oracles and Games

Free Online Fortune Telling, Oracles and Games

Whether you’re here for the wisdom of our oracles or you’re just seeking entertainment, this part of our website contains both. On the one hand, the numerous ancient oracles and fortune-tellings we have collected in this section will help you become aware of what remains hidden for most people and take the right path if you’re on a crossroad. On the other hand, we also have modern games and oracles (like the Magic 8-Ball or Fortune Cookies), which can make the time pass more quickly. For whatever reason you have found us, enjoy your time!

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Free Online Angel Card Reading and Angel Oracles

Free Online Angel Messages, Cards and Oracles

A lot of people are able to feel that they’re not alone in this world, that there is something up there, a higher force that is watching over – those are our guardian angels. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, everyone, including you, has a guardian angel that communicates messages constantly. Hunches, sudden inspiration, intuition – these are no just purposeless feelings, they are the some if th subtle emotions, that our guardian angels use as an instrument to guide us. Divination with Angel card spreads and Angel oracles can help you relieve of everyday stress, that the unexpected bumps of our life path impose on us. Angel cards will allow you to connect with the divine in you (and above) and experience the soothing counseling of your guardian angels.

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Free Online Playing Cards Readings

Free Online Playing Cards Reading and Fortune Telling

There are many Cartomancy readings in existence today due to the fact that divination with playing cards has started many, many years ago. Fortune telling with the common card deck is a very simple and accessible method to predict the future or gain insight into a particular situation or question. The Cartomancy art doesn’t require any special skills or talents, it can be practiced by anyone – you only need your intuition to guide you. Besides playing cards are a great companion if you need to pass time. We have chosen some of the best playing cards readings for our website, so go ahead an enjoy.

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Free Online Lenormand Cards Reading

Free Online Lenormand Cards Reading

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand is a very respected French cartomancer and clairvoyant. She is responsible for the development of the Lenormand cards and different divination methods and spreads with them. The new cards readings quickly gained immense popularity, because of their accuracy and the vastness of information they provided for the querent. Madame Lenormand complete changed the traditional method of fortune telling with her new card reading technique, allowing people to see things with a new perspective. These readings carry great wisdom – they will help you find a desired course of action and achieve a satisfying outcome out of any situation.

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Free Online Runes Readings

Free Online Rune Reading

Rune reading dates back to the old time of the Nordic tribes and Vikings. “Rune” translates in modern language as whisper, mystery or secret. Each runes carries a special symbolic meaning that can describe intentions and important details about your life situations. The runes posses a great reserve of magical powers and the ability to connect us with higher powers within and beyond ourselves. This fortune telling method can guide you through difficulties and foretell what is to come, so you can face your fears and walk confidently towards the future.

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Free Online Symbolon Cards Readings

Free Online Symbolon Cards Reading

The Symbolon deck of cards is a powerful and accurate instrument that will help you reveal personal insights and symbolism in your daily life. The cards’ main purpose is psychological analysis, but they are also used for divination and to work with your memory in order to recreate moments from past lives. Symbolon readings will bring saturated, detailed information about the subconscious reasons of your soul. The deck can even be used to foretell the future. Now you can uncover the secrets of your being and gain a new perspective for numerous situations and areas in your life.

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Free Online Gypsy Cards Readings and Other Oracles

Free Online Gypsy Cards and Other Readings

A lot of ancient fortune-tellings, divination methods, oracles and card readings have been kept to modern times throughout the centuries. This is because oftentimes you will see that the techniques offer you fast, detailed and accurate answers to your deepest, most important questions. In this section you will find various card readings, including Gypsy cards, that will allow you to see past Fate’s curtain of mystery. This section aims to help you improve your intuition, strengthen your relationships, boost your confidence and achieve your goals with ease. Guide your sensitivity and perception in a new, better direction!

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