Horoscope (Astrology) Symbolon Cards Reading

Our free Horoscope (also known as the Astrological or Zodiac) Symbolon spread holds mystical power that can reveal essential hidden elements of your character, because it aligns the cards with the twelve houses of the Zodiac. Divination and Astrology are deeply intertwined, because both methods look into the Astral World for clues and answers. You can also use the other free astrological spreads on our website to get even more details:

This Symbolon reading will help you become more confident, independent and prioritize your actions, so you can achieve what you most desire. The cards can also point you to the people that deserve your sympathy and show you how to express your affection to those you care about. Sit back for a moment, concentrate your thoughts and feelings on yourself and, when you're ready, select 12 cards start. Enjoy!

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